We have various arrangements with our clients. For the most part, our fees are based on the assets under management at our firm. We reserve the right, however, after an initial consultation, to quote a fee for any analysis, research, or plan development. These schedules will be discussed and reviewed at the complimentary initial consultation.

  1. Hourly Analysis: $250/hr 
    Analysis of financial planning for a client’s personal and corporate requirements 
  2. Portfolio Analysis: $800 
    Analysis and projection of a recommended portfolio—ideal for the retired client with stocks, bonds, and cash assets who desires a more productive, tax-advantaged portfolio 
  3. Target Analysis: $800 
    Analysis and report of five of the seven plan components—ideal for the client to focus on goals and objectives for future retirement 
  4. Comprehensive Analysis: $1600 
    Analysis and report of all seven of the plan components and quarterly monitoring of results 
  5. Asset Management Fee: usually ranges from .80 percent to 1 percent, based on the amount invested

Preferred minimum account size: $100,000

I will provide a free initial consultation to prospective clients so that we may determine if their needs and my practice are well matched.